110+ Expository Essay Topics

110+ Expository Essay Topics

The purpose of an expository essay is to explain a given topic by using arguments and logic. These sort of essays have a straightforward nature: they flow from paragraph to paragraph with the help of researched facts. A single essay will use prompts such as "explain," "state," and "define." A typical topic for an expository essay is "Explain how the invention of television has impacted communication between people."  However, the actual range of expository essay topics is practically limitless.

An expository essay is not a statement of opinion or taste. The writer is not required (in some cases chastised) to share their own personal opinion on the subject.

The writing process

Expository writing is something that every person should know how to do on a fundamental level. It's not only a skill for school or university but also in our daily lives. Every time you want to explain something to a relative or a friend, you are crafting an oral expository essay. Understanding the basics of the writing process helps every writer no matter their level.


The most common style of essay is composed of five paragraphs that each contain a vital part. The introduction contains a thesis or the main topic of discussion. This paragraph is usually a page or half a page long. Writers are encouraged to stay on topic and not veer into unnecessary detail. The following three paragraphs are called essay body. This is where your arguments and main ideas go. This part is where your research pays out. Each argument should be backed up with a fact that supports it.  A conclusion is a paragraph that summarizes the main topic and the most important arguments from the body. You restate the facts and tie the main idea to your main point.

Choosing expository essay topics

When looking around for an interesting topic to write on, it's best to keep several things in mind. You want your topic to be as narrow as possible; meaning, if you are writing about flowers, it would be best to choose a particular flower instead of tracking the entire plant variety. It's also wise to make sure there is ample research on the topic - a lot of information always makes up for good expository essay topics. If it turns out there isn't enough information to go on, you will be in a pinch to come up with prompts and arguments by yourself. Starting over is always a possibility in the beginning. Don't worry and do your best even if you fail.

We have split our list into categories to help you decide on college expository essay topics.

Expository essay topics about animals and preservation

  1. Migrational patterns in the common pigeon.
  2. Migrational patterns in the yellow-tailed swallow.
  3. How is pollution impacting the swan population?
  4. Can dogs sense blood?
  5. Can cats eat spinach?
  6. Are vegetables dangerous for animals?
  7. How has deforestation affected beavers in Canada?
  8. How common garden snails benefit our skin?
  9. How common garden snails destroy harmful bacteria?
  10. Is the swan the only bird who feels love and empathy?
  11. Why should we ban hunting of migratory birds?
  12. The mating habits of sparrows and why they are important to humanity?
  13. Do birds remember the time?
  14. Can deer survive deforestation?
  15. Why it's the government's duty to keep forests green and clean for the future of endangered species?
  16. Is it acceptable to keep animals in a zoo when they weren't born there?
  17. Can red pandas survive in the wild or their only habitat should be a zoo?
  18. Do monkeys think like us?

Books and Collecting Expository Essay Topics

  1. Are older editions of the same book really that valuable?
  2. Why is the bible the bestselling fiction book in existence?
  3. The problems with publishing and why authors aren't paid enough?
  4. Can you make a career in writing when you don't write?
  5. Are writers smarter than an average person?
  6. Was the Peter Pan book truly meant for children?
  7. Kid books and how they impact our child's psyche?
  8. Does reading children's fiction improve your cognitive thinking?
  9. Was Harry Potter well written or was it a fluke?
  10. Is the Lord of the Rings a story about friendship and love or is it a metaphor for Nazi propaganda and Hitler?
  11. How did Terry Pratchett die?
  12. Is collecting books a wise investment?
  13. How can I profit from buying second-hand books?
  14. How to locate the best used bookstores and how that can save money?
  15. Did Sherlock Holmes have a high IQ?

Expository Essay Topics about Sports and Health

  1. Does eating vegetables help with weight loss?
  2. Is working out everyday good for you or does it stunt your gains?
  3. How weightlifting at a young age impacts your growth?
  4. Are abdominal muscles an attractive feature?
  5. Should women consider becoming bodybuilders?
  6. Are we paying too much for our gym membership?
  7. Should Universities have mandatory training programs and should students be forced to pay for them?
  8. Can working out every day make your hair fall out?
  9. How to improve your self-worth and feel better as a human being?
  10. Do fruit help with tooth decay?
  11. Can eating strawberries help with stomach ulcers?
  12. Has there been enough scientific data done on GMO?
  13. Do people know the difference between a tomato and an orange?
  14. Should we use pesticides in our food?
  15. How have pesticides improved the quality of life for farmers?

Art and Self Improvement

  1. Is the 10.000-hour myth real?
  2. If you were born with inner talent, how can you nurture it even more?
  3. If you were born without talent, can you naturally improve?
  4. Is Art a noble discipline?
  5. Is there a connection between music and Physics?
  6. Does playing Mozart in the morning raise your IQ?
  7. Are we more likely to learn a particular instrument if we are in love?
  8. How music has affected us through the centuries
  9. Trend and changes in music and how the old groups were better than the newer ones
  10. Is Korean pop popular in America?
  11. Is Japanese pop popular in Japan?
  12. How music has changed our cognitive way of thinking
  13. Is all music in movies original?
  14. How did Mozart die?
  15. The importance of jazz and how it affects spirituality

Video Games Expository Essay Topics

  1. Do video games make us smarter?
  2. Is working in the video game industry hard?
  3. Does working in the video game industry pay well?
  4. If you play 15 hours a day will that make you socially awkward?
  5. Is Twitch the new television?
  6. How can you make money playing video games?
  7. Do psychological horror games stimulate serotonin extraction?
  8. How long does it take to make a video game?
  9. Do video games have a place in school?
  10. Can video games improve concentration?
  11. Do video games help with depression?
  12. Can video games help with child depression?

Expository Essay Topics on Depression and Psychology

  1. Do depressed people feel no love?
  2. How colors stimulate your ability to think?
  3. Can you be in love with more than one person?
  4. How females react to sexual stimulation?
  5. The ability to see ghosts and how psychology explains it
  6. Do people with Alzheimer's really forget?
  7. How Alzheimer's disease affects the family?
  8. Is there a cure for Alzheimer's?
  9. Can you be in love with an inanimate object?
  10. How people fall in love with movie characters
  11. How people fall in love with movies
  12. Do you see auras and spiritual lights?
  13. How your name affects your overall mood?
  14. Does not being able to tell time mean you have a lower IQ?
  15. How psychology today is different from psychology a hundred years ago?
  16. Is it a myth that love lasts forever?
  17. Does body language betray your intentions?
  18. Why sports aren't only for boys
  19. Why are girls better at math?
  20. Does gender play a part in creativity?
  21. Was Van Gogh me talky challenged?
  22. How winter affects our mood?
  23. Do happy people see better in the dark?
  24. How to overcome your fear?
  25. Why are we afraid of the dark?
  26. Are spiders scary or misunderstood?
  27. Do dogs eat spiders?
  28. How do snakes bite and why venom is good for you?

Music Expository Essay Topics

  1. How do we see music?
  2. What our favorite music means to us
  3. How selecting a favorite song can mean we are happy?
  4. Does Rihanna write her own songs?
  5. How old is Rihanna?
  6. The ability to play the piano and does that mean our IQ is high?
  7. Is music today better than 30 years ago?
  8. Is music 30 years ago better than the music today?
  9. What types of violins exist?
  10. Was Stradivarius real?
  11. How to read notes
  12. Can we play music without knowing notes?
  13. Are rhythm type games good for you?
  14. Can you use an App to learn music?
  15. What is DDR?
  16. Is Dancing good for you and your family?

Once you've chosen a subject from a possible list of topics for expository essay and written the paper itself, you should make sure you have all the resources needed to prove that you're the one who wrote it. Plagiarism is a big problem. Even if you wrote everything, if you cannot prove you are the owner then you will most likely be disqualified or receive a bad grade. Keeping a list of where you got the topic from and all of your sources in a new side document (in addition to your Bibliography) will save you a lot of pain later.

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