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How to write a compare and contrast essay
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How to write a compare and contrast essay

Subcategory: Blog
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In many occasions in life, people are confronted with a dilemma of making a choice in terms of what he or she thinks is good or better. To settle on the good or the better requires an aspect of comparing two entities. Ordinarily, in a class setting, a student will have to write an essay making a comparison and contrasts between two things. However, class tasks notably transcend learning institutions thus applying to our lives. The only difference as commonly understood is that one may opt not to write it down just for getting marks or improving their grades but either way, they still need to establish a position.

As you will notice, this introduction is all about comparing two aspects namely, classroom setting versus life outside of school or college. When learning how to write a compare and contrast essay, definitely here is an appropriate suggestion worth applying. Comparing means establishing the existing dissimilarities amongst 2 factors either qualitatively or quantitatively. Also, it means establishing the aspects that make them similar. Contrariwise, contrasting takes one angle which is just to establish the alterations or variations. While writing an article that puts into account these inconsistencies in addition to consistencies, a thorough research around the subject is carried out.

Mostly, a creative process is never complete without considering a good outline. A threshold guiding good articles are the outline because it keeps the writer steadfastly aligned to the course and steers his or her focus without distractions or deviations until the very end. Otherwise, a writer's work will be just like any other, with nothing exciting or captivating. It would even be worse if, for example, it is an examinable task. A supervising officer/professor may definitely grade it low citing inconsistencies in addition to its being hollow.

Rhythmic Process of How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Getting it moving simply begins by establishing a subject area otherwise known as a title. Decent writers will definitely agree with the statement that arriving at driving at stage Q from stage D requires drivers to bear a purpose. A defined purpose highlights reasons for penning down essays, therefore, a purpose driven writers ought to formulate titles they best understand and have an interest in. Definitely, the first thing that the readers will notice and get hooked to is the topic. A boring topic will put them off thus killing their interest in reading the article. Themes inject into a composition depth plus quality which essentially breeds convenience for writers thus allowing them a navigation room throughout the work. How to write a good compare and contrast essay question is as good as being half addressed just by getting it right in terms of topic choice.

Tips for the Topic

  • The writer can consider a statistical approach where numbers can be used
  • Use of allegories is also considerable
  • A metaphor serves to equally excite plus giving a topic an edge because readers love it
  • Stating of facts may also help
  • Similarly, applying allusions may also help to get an exciting and most memorable topic
  • If you are still in need of more exciting tips then consider simile
  • Consider credible quotes from authors and people whose influence remains unrivaled.
  • You may also decide to use terms that are literary.
  • Last but not least, the use of questions that are rhetorical can add fun and an aspect of humor in your work. People love it where something is triggering laughter or excitement.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction

Without any doubt, another inescapable crucial area lies within the beginning lines. Without having a starter, a great piece losses its worth. An outstanding problem, in this case, would be, how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay. Well, to begin this process, you must settle on a topic after which the next logical thing would be to make a case on a subject being covered via the first passage. Achievement of a decent starter lies with the fact that the section must have all the elements that will indeed equate and distinguish the item of discussion; it must also have numerous points associated with the task.

Remember that this section must also be based on research. The writer is advised not to fetch facts out of the blue with less consideration of their authenticity. It is advised that the name only the items or things that establish the similarities and gaps. The points of commonalities and variations should be pegged on truth and verifiable sources otherwise the essay will miserably fail to meet the test of credibility. Worse yet, the writer will be judged on the basis of the article. Listing thins to be tackled by the introductory part is important. As a writer, you need not divulge more at this point given that the subsequent paragraphs will address the major points in depth.

The introductory section must also include a statement of the thesis which is one line or a one sentence stating the purpose or the claim by the writer. Readers must be able to know the contestations or the arguments as contained in the paper and the reasons that inform the entire work. Essentially, the thesis statement is regarded as the most powerful statements that glue the readers to one's article and for that reason; it must be clear, straight to the point and well-articulated. The writer must know how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay. After writing a good introduction, a compare and contrast essay will now cascade into the paragraphs that are also known as the body of the article.

Writing the Body of the Article

In a brief description, a body is an entailment of several facts which are elaborately explained to the readers in an article. Getting to learn how to write a good compare and contrast essay cannot let you go scot-free unless you understand the dynamics of a good body. Essentially, several paragraphs inform the body of an essay and they individually explain ideas to the readers without deviating from the theme presented. As a common practice, students are normally encouraged by their lecturers to write assignments in essay format meaning they must have paragraphs. For this reason, they understand that long paragraphs are tedious and not appropriate when explaining a position or a point.

The number of paragraphs depends on the length of the essay. This implies that the longer the article the more paragraphs it should have and the shorter it is the lesser the paragraphs. The body can be dived such that the preceding paragraphs only handle the differences alone and thereafter the subsequent ones handle the commonalities. On average 4 to 5 paragraphs are enough for a task comparing and contrasting subjects. In some cases, the number is decided by the lecturers or the instructors in learning institutions.

How then do you go about the paragraphs? Just as mentioned earlier, the writer must strive to put an item per paragraph for example

  • X item discussed in the first paragraph of the body,
  • Y on the second and,
  • Z on the last

The subjects being discussed must be accompanied by very credible information drawn from highly qualified sources such as books, academic journals, and other research work or studies done in the past. Additionally, a move from one paragraph to the next must be smooth and linked well; this means that students must employ the use of transitional statements such as moreover, however, furthermore, in addition, consequently, considerably, in conclusion within the paragraphs but for the sake of compare and contrast essay, the following transitions would be more appropriate:

  • Whereas,
  • Equally,
  • Contrariwise,
  • Meanwhile,
  • At the same time
  • Correspondingly
  • Unlike
  • However
  • Similarly
  • Comparably
  • Nevertheless
  • Likewise and so on.

It is advised that personal feelings are divorced from the paper and facts become the basis of the article. This means independently putting in separating opinions from facts and drawing a reasonable middle ground.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Compare and Contrast Essay

This is another section that needs a lot of attention in the sense that it must consider the entire article. While many may be wondering how to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay, they must consider that a conclusion is not just a shallow summary of the article but a deep restatement of the facts and a confirmation of the thesis statement. Essentially, the role of a concluding part is that it serves to present facts in brief and with precision to enable a reader to get the entire purpose of the document even without reading the whole of it. In short, the following should essentially be contained in the summary:

  • In brief, the analyzed discussion of the materials as contained in the body is given at this point. This should also comprise of remedies and way forward where necessary.
  • The importance of the problem addressed by the essay is also restated to give the readers an opportunity to remember the most critical theme just in case they forget.
  • Lastly, the ideas that are the most vital are summarized and the arguments restated to help give support to the thesis or the claim as contained in the essay. A synthesis of the thesis is presented again to justify it as the key informant of the essay.

What You Need to Know About the Outline of Compare and Contrast Essay

There are several methods to apply while writing the paragraphs of an essay. They ought to give more presentable structure to the essay as well as to guide the writer. The commonly used methods however are:

  1. A method that is referred to as block
  2. A method whereby paragraphs are arranged in an alternating or point by point manner. It is important to choose a single one.

The latter method could be a bit confusing but essentially it implies that the writer interchanges the ideas between the subjects of discussion. You don't have to dwell on a single aspect all through but you can handle them alternatingly. Mostly, the argument will impact the variation in the sense that it will determine which point to put across before which one. It matters not the number of commonalities or variations but the information brought forth by the writers in a corresponding manner.

Where students are not expressly told to adopt a particular approach, it is good to adopt one that will add value to the essay. The best one, in this case, would be the one that points by points are stated and explained in details.

The first method while writing an essay block system whereby there is no alternation between the subjects but instead one is discussed fully before the subsequent one is also discussed. Writers cannot jump from a point that has not been fully exhausted to the next bust should highlight everything and all that is in that point after which he or she can move to the next one.

For good papers or just as a reminder of how to write a good compare and contrast essay, this method must factor in connections between the variables in addition to not keeping in line with the thesis. What the block pattern does is that it helps in keeping the readers concentrated on a single area before moving on to the next. This means that they are able to carry their own analysis and rate the discussion.


This paper has presented a student with knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding the meaning of the distinguishing and equating terms
  • What thesis statements imply and reasons for their input
  • Embarking on the process of writing the body and how different paragraphs are arranged in the body
  • Captivating intros and how they should be written

It has further provided information for outlining the document to help the students appreciate the writing task and earn more improved grades. Here is, therefore, an applicable template for learning:

  • how to write a compare and contrast essay
  • how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay
  • how to write a good compare and contrast essay
  • how to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay
  • how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay
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