Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Warranty

We have decided to offer you our refund policy in case you are not 100% happy with the quality of the received order. This document is only working in case a person has made a payment. The money can be only sent back to the original source of payment. Please continue reading this document to find out more about the money back warranty and refund policy of our company.

Our clients can request a 100% refund in case:

  • an error occurred while you were performing your payment. Thus, if you paid several times for the same order, or money was withdrawn twice from your account. We recommend you to report the error as soon as you find out about it so that we can take a look and fix it;
  • all the writers were unavailable when you requested one. It is a possibility that all the writers are occupied. And in such a case the money you paid for the order will be 100% refunded. We will inform you about the situation as soon as possible and refund the money right away;
  • the paper was not sent on time. In such a case, we will 100% refund the cost of the paper as we understand that you no longer the task past its deadline.

We refund 70% of the payment in case:

  • the writer sent the assignment after the deadline as long as the paper was not delayed by more than 50% of the agreed upon time. We realize that it is our bad that the writer sent the assignment later, but since he did the job after all, we have to reward his efforts to some point. Yet, we recognize our responsibility and are ready to compensate what we still can.

We return 50% of the payment in case:

  • we are unable to edit and redo the assignment for some reasons;
  • the writer sent the assignment after the deadline as long as the paper was delayed by more than 50% of the agreed upon time.

Remember that in case you take advantage of the refund policy, the proprietary rights to the order is reserved to our service. As long as you are refunded for the order, you are no longer allowed to lawfully use the material in any way.

Don’t forget that in case you ask us to revise the paper and are still not happy with the final result, you can only request a 50% refund payment. The thing is that our specialist spent so much working and then editing your paper, we cannot return you the whole payment since we have to reward the writer.

Refund policy does not cover:

  • cases when the requirements you have mentioned in your original order form are met;
  • papers partially or fully covered by discounts and special offers;
  • VAT;
  • papers that have already been pressed “Approved” on by you in your account;
  • tests with multiple choice options. Once you use the answers of the writer, you automatically approve of them and cannot request a 100% refund. However, in case the answers of our writer did not get you past 50% of correct answers, you can request a partial refund. To get it, please contact our Customer Support.