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Our Prices

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How much our services cost

A lot of students are worried that ordering an essay with a service like ours is way to expensive for them to afford it. However, they could not be more wrong. The truth is that getting your writing assignments done by a professional is not as expensive as you might have thought especially if you use our discounts and loyalty bonuses. But to prevent any misunderstandings, use our Price Calculator to gain a better understanding of how much your order will cost before you place it on our site.

How to get your own account

Once you register in our system, you will get your own account to keep track of your orders and payments. For it, we need you to enter valid and up-to-date information when registering so that our representatives can contact you whenever needed.

Our bonuses

We strongly recommend to register with our system in order to make the most out of our bonus system. To thank our loyal customers for choosing us over and over again, we have created a special system that gives them 5% discount for every next paper. Besides, if it is your first time using our services, you get big fat 10% off right away no questions asked. And these are but a few bonuses inside our system.

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How to make the most out of the bonuses

Feel free to take advantage of the bonuses we offer in a way you find the best. Some customers save their bonuses for later while others spend their bonus money inside the system on their orders right away. There is no pressure: you can use them whenever you need!

The rule is simple here: the more orders you make in our system, the more bonuses you receive.

Unique privileges for special customers

You might have noticed an invitation to subscribe to our newsletter. This invitation is there for a reason: we share the most valuable offers via email. And being on our list is your way to be among the first to learn about discounts and special offers. So, join thousands of other students from all over the world on our newsletter list - and take advantage of all the benefits of such offers today!

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As we have already mentioned above, you can always use our Price Calculator to find out how much you have to pay for your order and how much bonuses you will receive for it on your account. Do not hesitate to use this software and should have any issues with it, contact us!

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