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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a legal document. After you open this website on any device, you enter into an agreement with us that abides by our terms and policies.

We will ask whether you agree with this policy, and sometimes repeatedly remind you of it. We decide when and where to ask you to express your consent.

However, bear in mind that you cannot lawfully use our website unless you sufficiently express your consent to abide by our Privacy Policy.

Should you not agree with any part of this document, we ask you to leave the page immediately. Moreover, in case you disagree with any part of our legal document, do not place any orders via our website.

Our Privacy Policy is valid and will be applied to you at any time of your using our website.

General Terms

Since the major focus of our company is delivering high-quality services to our clients, we find it essential to implement a straight-forward and easy to use identification. Besides, we strive to have the best level of communication and offer our clients various service options to opt for.

Once the user visits our website, we collect specific information about him. All this is done for the purpose of an improved experience each potential or existing customer has on the website.

By agreeing with this document, you inform us that you have all the information and clearly understand it. Moreover, you state that the information you provided us with is valid, complete, and up-to-date.

Data you have just read in this document should be viewed as that obtained lawfully and fairly. We stand firm on the fact that no data is received without your previous explicit consent.

It is your responsibility to provide us with most of the needed information. However, we hope you understand that some we might gather some information without you knowing about it.

You provide us with relevant information:

  • when you enter data into our contact forms or questionnaires;
  • when you get in touch in any possible way;
  • when you provide us with valid personality ID.

We inform you that we might gather some information:

  • after monitoring your activity or interactions on our company’s website;
  • after you perform any transactions via our platform;
  • with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies like cookies, etc.

We guarantee that we do not gather data concerning your:

  • race;
  • criminal convictions;
  • ethnic origin;
  • political views;
  • health conditions;
  • sex life;
  • religious convictions;
  • mental state;
  • life philosophy.