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Essaywriters.co.uk has been involved in writing tutorial student essays, research reports, and academic term paper examples since 1994. Our website lists tens of thousands of essays spanning an even greater number of topics. Students are welcome to purchase essays from our website if they are strapped for time and need a concierge service. Alternatively, they can browse through our blog for useful guides on various writing topics.

Essay Writers is to academic research what the professional theater is to hopeful, young actors… a stage upon which they can view the work of talented individuals who have already mastered the craft of writing essays. Our quality examples raise the curtains of scholarship to reveal a setting rich with resolutions for even the greatest essay writing conflicts… 

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Before we start work on your essay, we draft a outline for the writer. This helps ensure that all essays are thoroughly researched

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All our writers strictly adhere to formatting guidelines. Our essays typically follow MLA formatting guidelines


We provide a detailed bibliography and citations for longer essays and research papers at an additional cost

Native speakers

All our writers are native English speakers and have a mix of undergraduate and advanced degrees across a variety of topics


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“I found a great full-time job before I graduated, so I had no time to write my master’s thesis myself. Still, it would be a waste to not get that diploma. So, I decided to have someone else write my thesis. My topic was not an easy one, but the writer has handled everything brilliantly! And she also took care of my least favorite part – the formatting.”

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“The curriculum has become overwhelmingly tough this time around. I decided to focus on science and not waste my time memorizing history – all those dates and figures. My GPA is still critical for me, so I decided to outsource my essays on history. The prices here are quite welcoming, and I am happy with my grades.”

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“Usually, I like to write all essays and stuff myself, but this time there was an urgent family matter, so I had to resort to third-party assistance. I am really lucky to have this kind of service available for such cases. The writer was excellent, and no revisions were necessary. If I ever need custom writing again, I will not hesitate.”

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