Essay Conclusion Examples

Essay Conclusion Examples


Are you having trouble with your analytical essay conclusion? Don’t you worry about we’re here to help you with all your problems? What we’re asking of you is practice what you read and at that’s the key to being a good essay conclusion writer.

What comes to your mind the moment you hear the phrase narrative essay conclusion? There’s so much that one could think of but were to harmonize everything. However, to show you the magnitude of this situation, the essay conclusion is the parting gift for your paper. You need to finish in style and at the same time, get the message home to your readers. In other words, this is your moment, and you need to seize it to make the impression of the excellent writer you are. You’ve declared your personal opinions based on the subject in question and mind you, and your readers have also developed their own views based on the presenting pieces of evidence and the flow of the paper. You need to convince them that your opinion matters the most and at the same time, give them the freedom of thought.

Someone took his/her time to go through your essay, don’t you think it’s up to you to see to it that the experience was worth the while. The whole essay conclusion paragraph needs to be full of it, and it needs to stand alone, convey some powerful message, and bring in a new perspective on the subject. Shake the thoughts of your readers, leave them intrigued, you know. Readers always look forward to such kind of a narrative essay conclusion, something interesting that will leave them wowed but not surprised. Try as much as possible to keep off surprises; you’re not Sherlock Holmes are you! At least do best to wow us with an exciting and captivating essay conclusion, how about that!

The entire paper was full of discussions and arguments from various angles, others opposing while others are supportive. Bring all of this to a stand by summing it up with one bomb analytical essay conclusion that will quench every reader’s thirst and leave them wanting to read more of your future papers.

Here are Some Few Tips on Writing an Essay Conclusion You Can Always Look Up to

Take the approach of writing an essay conclusion that involves connecting the introduction and the final paragraph. This can be done in many ways. The best one which has proven effective so far is that of highlighting a phrase that has been used in the introductory paragraph and mentioning it in the narrative essay conclusion.

Also, you could also use syllables. This approach to writing an analytical essay conclusion requires to use o one-syllable words. Some extra spice to your language can help cream the cake. Plain words most times don’t get the message as much as you’d want it to.

Consider concluding your narrative essay conclusion with a focused quotation that will expound more on your main idea. Such can be from a reliable source, and it all serves to amplify the core opinion you’re trying to put across while at the same time introducing a new perspective to the essay. Imagine you’re writing an essay conclusion and the topic is the political impact of neo-colonization. Now in your body essay, you’ve gathered shreds of evidence for your writing and presented them logically and sensibly to your readers.

Concluding, it would be best to spice up everything by chipping in some quotation from your information sources, something significant that will serve to support the main argument you were putting across in the paper. It would act like amplification, for the readers to clearly see your intentions and is also a step in the right direction in persuading your audience. However, there is a catch to all this; as a writer, you are asked to consider up-to-the the last word if at all information is form both primary and secondary sources, and more so secondary sources.

Something important you’re also not required to forget is that your reader’s emotions are that essential. You need to make them feel at home, even if it’s your instructor, make he/she feel like going through your essay. The conclusion was among the wisest decisions he has made so far. This is your parting gift, how best can you wrap it and present the award to your readers. There’s so much at stake here that you wouldn’t dare take anything for granted. Any slight mistake is done, and you’ve lost your winning and convincing power. So far, you could agree with us how important the essay conclusion is and the lots of effort you need to put in for the success of your analytical essay conclusion.

Now going to back to the reader’s emotions, it’s all about what’s tangible to take home or what new information have they learned that was worth their time. Just by going through your essay conclusion, your audience needs to be able a fresh and working perspective based on what you just presented to them, and this can only be achieved if a writer goes an extra mile to show their readers that they’re concerned with the reader’s thoughts. But besides that, they need to consider that what you’re telling them is the most practical option at the moment and they should prioritize it over their thoughts if at all they’re contradicting. Another approach to your reader’s emotions is relating your ideas to the current society in the narrative essay conclusion. To clearly understand this, it would be best if you check out the essay conclusion examples that are available in various sources, including the online platform and other student-friendly places that are recommended by your lecturers.

Finish by diverging the paper’s discussion into a much broader perspective, more like food for thought kind of platform. The whole document has been based on the topic discussions and maybe the supporting topic sentences. How about, you now go an inch higher to stand out among the many essay conclusion writings that will be presented to your lecturer, by introducing some corresponding information, something your readers relate to very well. Most recommended is opting for the ongoing issues in the society as at right now.

Let’s say you were writing an analytical essay on the economic state of the country as at two years ago, how about in the analytical essay conclusion, you sum it up by on how that can be compared to the economic state of the country as at the moment. To show them the significant disparity. Through this, if at all there’s something that can be done to improve the economic state of the country, then you also make some practical recommendations that your audience could apply for the betterment of the economy. For more, analyze some of the essay conclusion examples, and you’ll get more information.

What are the implications of your essay’s discussion? This can be tackled in the analytical essay conclusion. There was some goal behind the whole argument, at the end of it what were you looking to achieve. The essay you just wrote, what impact it will have to your readers. For instance, looking at the Christopher Columbus expedition, the guy chose to travel the world and explore all that life could offer, and in the process, the guy developed a perspective to life and nature. Writing an essay on this will mean capturing the various critical instances and encounters Christopher Columbus had during his traveling expeditions. You could sum up the conclusion by telling your readers what impact the story of Christopher Columbus had which in this case is, individuals if given opportunity they ought to travel and explore the world to appreciate all that it has to offer.

Quick and Helpful Tips for the Analytical Essay Conclusion

  • Don’t be ready to do a summary of your paper. In some instances, summarizing your paper in the analytical essay conclusion can be a good idea but not always. This is still advisable if at all you are dealing with long documents that a good idea would be summarize all the fundamental concepts of the essay to do a quick recap on what’s more important than the other. Nevertheless, when it comes to short analytical essays, good practice would be to highlight only the main ideas and leave alone a summary of the whole paper’s content.
  • There are specific phrases that a good writer needs to keep off in your narrative essay conclusion. These are some of the phrases that indicate what you’re going to tackle next. Okay, we’re not saying that you completely keep off these phrases, but instead what the message we’re trying to put across is that these phrases can be used in other sections of the essay oral presentation like in the introduction and some parts of the body but try best to avoid them when it comes to writing.

It’s quick intuition for readers to tell the flow of the paper and even predict what is to go and at what instances, this will mean that you wouldn’t have to tell them what’s coming next for that wouldn’t serve any kind but just a waste of word count. Some readers are easily irritated, and this is among the many reasons that make them so. Be a smart writer, understand your audience and what they want and know how you’ll get to them without irritating them.

  • Avoid being apologetic all the time. It’s a natural human instinct always to apologize whenever they’re wrong, it shows compassion and that you’re concerned with the other person’s feelings. Well, when it comes to the writing count that does not count. You need to be confident and own up what you present to your readers. Even though several other writings have been done on the same, it would be a good idea if you believe in your won and don’t show your readers they can always look up to other essays for yours isn’t that comprehensive.

The instructor has given you all the time to make your preparations. You’ve done your preliminaries as a writer; this is doing thorough research, analyzing various resources, coming up with a working essay outline and structure, and now finally presented the final paper. You’ll find that when writing an essay conclusion, some writers would conclude by saying that theirs is just simply writing and that there are other better ones out there. This is a sign of doubt, and readers can smell it from far. Be confident in whatever you present, and this will attract your audience to your arguments. How do you expect other people to believe in you if at all you don’t believe in yourself? It all starts with you!

The Structure of Narrative Essay Conclusion

Essays need to have an order in which information and ideas are to be presented if at all, you’re looking to bring order out of chaos. There’s not something much attractive like a well-structured essay leave alone the logical and sensible flow of ideas. Suitable essay conclusion structures usually start with specificity, and along the process just before the conclusion, they switch to a broader perspective.

An excellent narrative essay conclusion will show to your readers the information they need to take home with. Some parting gift message to thank them for taking their time reading your paper. Another approach can be to relate your ideas to the current society in the narrative essay conclusion. Sum it up by reaching out to the reader’s emotions by exciting them, in as much as your essay may be a sad story.


Is there anything else you’d like to know? So far, we’ve given you all that is required to deliver a practical narrative essay conclusion. Note, going through your essay conclusion, and your audience needs to be able a fresh and working perspective based on what you just presented to them, and this can only be achieved if a writer goes an extra mile to show their readers that they’re concerned with the reader’s thoughts.

What else would you like to know?