Essay Writing Guide

Essay Writing Guide

Essay Writing And The Hustle With Students

Most students groan when they are faced with several essays and deadline from their different university classes. The most unfortunate part of the whole deal is that, these students hardly have an idea what is required by their professors, or if such an idea exists, understanding how to express their thoughts makes the writing more difficult.

Most of the time, students turn to the internet by typing ‘write my essay’ on google and picking the most professional essay writing service they can find. If unfortunately, such an essay writing service is unavailable, the student would have to find ways and means of writing such an essay to the best of their ability without any essay help. It is true that practice makes perfect. But in this case, knowing the right way to practice does not always mean that the writer has perfected his skill of writing an essay.

When it comes to essay writing, there are so many skills that are necessary to inculcate when tryouts have to prepare an essay. These skills usually are sharpened with each essay you have to write, but at the end of it all, by the time you have finally mastered your essay writing skills, it is time to leave the school.

Writing essays, especially if you are in the field of academia, is something you can never run away from. Almost every assignment is given in essay form, because as you go higher in education, your professor or teacher is looking for what you can contribute to the world, and not simply what you have the ability to get right in a multiple choice test. Essay writing opens the writer up for perusal. One specific truth in essay writing is the fact that you can easily find out what the writer thinks by reading what they have written. Thought processes, ideas and writing are all linked, resulting in the writer baring his soul to whomever will listen.

It is an exhilarating experience for some students because of the chance offered them to go bring out their best ideas and lay down their thoughts in the most logical way possible. Most of the time, the essay given has a word limit and so the writer then has to choose the most salient points to represent his writing. A feature that not all writers possess, because they may begin with the more unimportant points and end up rushing through the entire writing process. At the end of the day, the writers realize that the readers were not able to pick anything tangible from their writing.

As explained before, writing essays is a skill, and like other skills, it can be learnt, practiced and improved upon. But how else would you improve if you do not write repeatedly? Some students who really want to learn to write and become better take their time to practice each of the different essay types and different approaches to writing, and emerge better writers as time goes on. The trick is to practice and eventually you would become better.

Essay Topics And How They Are Generated

Since essay writing, as a way to assess students, is not going anywhere, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with how different essay topics come about based on essay types. The truth of the matter is, you can be asked to write an essay about anything and everything, and you could choose to write an essay about anything as well. Based on the type of essay the topics that come about are usually telling of what the essay is meant to be.

Any new thing that happens in the world is a potential essay topic. From topics like Brexit to the US government elections, students have been asked to give their views in essay form. This is one of the reasons why teachers love making students write such essays, because in order to be good, you have to be abreast with what is going on in the world around you. The knowledge received from the news channels are not enough to write essays on these topics. Students then have to find time to do in-depth research on all these topics, understand them and their relevance to society, and write an essay on it. The essays written end up becoming a factor to determine how truly abreast with time a student is.

This is of course, based on the course of study. People who study history as well end up having to write essays about historical happenings and their implications in modern times, and a few other essay topics. The best thing to do as a student is to be aware that an essay can come from any event that takes place in the world today.

When a student is asked to pick their own topic for discussion, there are so many stages the mind goes through before the topic is finally picked. Students tend to freeze, not knowing what to do once that power is placed in their hands. Having several topics from which to choose one is an easier way to give students topics. However, if teachers do allow students to choose their topics, there are a few points that the students must note in order to choose a topic that best suits them as individuals and that exposes their writing capabilities.

Here are a few points to note

  1. Choose a topic you are familiar with

There is no point going into the deep blue sea to find a topic to write about once you are asked to choose your own topic based on the type of essay. It is always better to opt for a topic that you have an idea about. That is the best way to go about choosing a topic.

Some schools of thought advise students to write different practice essays during their free time with diverse topics to be able to develop their flair for writing. If this is done, there is a 60% chance that you could pick one of such essays, rearrange them and write them well for better marks.

The advantage of picking a topic that you are already familiar with is that, you already know where to get research material, and you would not spend insane amounts of time gathering your thoughts together.

  1. Choose a topic you are passionate about

Students write best when they like the topic they have been given and are passionate about it. When you are passionate about the topic, research becomes easy because you genuinely want to find out more about said topic. The passion fuels the drive to begin writing as soon as possible, and in the end, a well written essay is the result.

The converse is true when people choose topics that they do not like or are not interested in, and end up becoming stuck with their writing. These people then lack the motivation to write and to do the adequate research at the end of the day, resulting in a poorly written essay, or a more difficult essay writing experience.

  1. Choose a topic with accessible references

When reading through the topics you are to choose, it is always better to pick a topic that you can easily research and pull up material in the fastest time. Some topics have already been researched, resulting in a good reference banks. If your essay is not a research work where you have to write your own material to publish, opt for a topic that you have direct access to many of the sources.

Some essay topics generally have more sources than others. This is another point to note when writing an essay. Choose the ones with the sources that give way to a larger sea of knowledge on the same topic rather than a topic that would result in you meeting with a dead end as you write.

  1. Choose topics that enable to to show off your writing skills

Some topics give you the writer an ability to be flexible in your writing. Every writer is different, thus, the topic that gives them that ability to write well is different for each writer. Choose a topic that you can write fluently and confidently on. Sometimes it may be the same topic that have a passion for, and also you can easily get research material on.

One of the best ways to know this is to plan the essay writing as soon as you get the topic. You could do a small draft simulation how your ideas will flow as you write. Based in the fluidity of the writing and the ideas you have, you can pick your topic and enjoy the writing process. Never choose a topic that stunts your writing process or halts your creative juices. If you cannot immediately imagine how your writing could go, then you are better off looking for another topic to write about.

  1. Consult with people to choose a topic

This may be your life saver when choosing a topic. Sometimes there may be several ideas in your head for topics to pick, and you are not even sure how to go about it. When you have several topics to choose from or several directions you could go, consider asking for help from a tutor or an experienced friend who can give you advise about which essay you could write.

You could choose the topic by eliminating all the other topics with guidance from a tutor or a friend and finally arrive at the topic you would prefer to write at the end of the day. The earlier you do this process, the quicker you are able to begin researching and writing. It is always easier with a good number of people around you who can make the choosing process easier.

Sometimes your tutors may have experience writing similar essays so their insight is in-depth and very specific. Make time to listen to their ideas and then based on all the advise you receive, make your choice. Chances are, you will end up writing an excellent essay.

Writing the Essay, Tips on Getting Better

Once your topic is picked, you can get to work deciding how you want the essay to be written. Writing out a plan is a great way to begin the essay writing process. The plan you write should allocate ample time for all the processes involved in writing.

You should divide your time into ‘before the writing’, ‘the writing process’ and ‘after the writing’. Once your time is divided like that, then you can easily allocate different activities in those time frames so that you will not be pressed for time.

o Before writing

Use this time to correctly analyze data received, go through the source material several times, write notes and plan your work. Come up with a few drafts that you can send to your tutor. Be aware of corrections received and get to work writing your essay.

o The writing process

Start by setting out time to write a little every day, especially if your essay is a long one. Try not to rush or write everything at once. You will easily get fresher ideas when you divide your writing. However, having your draft or your plan close by will help you not to veer off point each time you choose to write a portion of the essay.

o After writing

Proofread and check your work several times. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors or issues with plagiarism. Ensure that of your points were articulated clearly, and then hand in your work before the deadline elapses.

The steps to becoming a good writer are many, and the road is not always straightforward. You could get some help after you have searched ‘write my essay’ on google and then pay a small fee for the essay help. However, if you choose to write your own essay, in your writing process, take the time to follow some of the tips listed here, and strive to be a better writer each time you have to write an essay. That way, you are sure to produce good work much to your benefit.