Synthesis Essay Sample

Synthesis Essay Sample

Synthesis Essay! Well, you must have come across this word severally in your class or heard it from your professor or even interacted with some synthesis essay writing samples. It is one of the most common types of essay that students write either as their term papers or simply put a style that they mostly incorporate as they write their final project papers. The big question is what is synthesis essay? How about fusing two ideas together to have one standpoint, well, this is the basic idea about synthesis. More so, the concept is defined as the practice of reading from various sources, extracting the information that is within these sources then making a meaningful conclusion out of them. So, a synthesis essay is about collecting information from a lot of sources and writing an essay out of the information collected.

Students will be given assignments to test their writing skills and knowledge. Such are academic articles that border the dispensation of personal writing skills and understanding of the concept. You will realize that during your research, both primary and secondary sources will be crucial in terms of giving you new insights that you can use to create a fantastic essay that will not only earn you more points but will also bring out your understanding and mastery of the topic. Note that the suggestion that the writer must use as many sources as possible also takes into account the credibility and trustworthiness of such sources. You are at liberty to use synthesis analysis essay sample provided by other authors so that you can understand how such essays are written. However, the purpose of this paper is to explain how to write a synthesis essay.

Types of a Synthesis Essay

The common types of synthesis essay that can be used include the argumentative and the explanatory essays. The type that one adopts is very important when it comes to how they will write their thesis statement and argue out their points. An argumentative synthesis essay sample presents robust claims that the writer must justify through the provision of evidence and facts so that the writers can know what the writer stands for. On the other hand, an explanatory synthesis essay sample explains concepts and ideas to the readers. Its thesis statement is not as strong as the former but is one of the commonly used styles. Before you settle on the style, think about your potential readers and what you want to drive home in the synthesis essay. Synthesis essay thesis sample gives ideas on the formation of the thesis for the types.

Writing a Synthesis Essay: The Process

As cited before, the most important considerations when writing a synthesis essay are the sources used. Additionally, the literature and the quality and quantity of the supporting materials used are very paramount. It is recommended that at least up to 5 sources should be used for analysis. Just as provided in synthesis essay samples, there are considerable points that are listed below:

  • Go into the specifics of the discussions and major points captured by the writer whose content you are applying.
  • Countercheck to find out if the idea presented by an author is similar to the other authors whose work you are using.
  • In terms of viewpoints and positions on the subject do they render support to each other or are there clear distinctions between the authors.
  • Are the variances by the various authors on the same subject or topic or are they totally divergent? Or is it just on some selected sections of the subject?
  • Try to establish if it is a question of semantics or if the terms used are technical but expressing the same ideas. There is always a denotative and a connotative meaning attached to a word.

Having put the above issues that are outlined into perspective, it is also important to note that synthesis essay samples you have read before also comprise of such elements and that their author was successful because they did not ignore such points for consideration.

Writing a Synthesis Essay Outline

To write a synthesis essay, an outline just like in an argumentative synthesis essay sample or an explanatory synthesis essay sample must be considered. Outlines are basically the structural arrangements of the paper right from the introduction to the conclusion. When writing a synthesis essay; a student should first come up with an outline to guide the entire process. This document also contains the key points that go into the essay itself. Just like the table of content, the outline has had sections and subsections that address the given topic. It is a roadmap to the final essay and must be well crafted if the writer does not want to lose focus.

Synthesis Essay Introduction Sample for an Outline

  • The outline for a synthesis essay contains a strong introductory part with an interesting hook and a thesis statement.
  • As synthesized information as discussed by two to three sources and presented as one argument.
  • Supportive points as presented by other works and other authors.
  • The writer’s argument as supported by other sources and authors
  • The summary which restates the thesis in addition to concluding statements that are reflective of the writer’s verdict in as far as the subject of discussion is concerned.

Specific Example of an Outline for Synthesis Essays

Remember that writing a synthesis essay does not encourage working with one source at a time but a student should instead select several sources so that they can have enough materials and data to transform into one thought. Synthesis analysis essay sample outline provided below gives in brief the arrangement:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Body with the first paragraph essentially summarizing two to three texts
  3. The second paragraph of the body summarizing again two to three texts from other sources
  4. Summarization of text 3
  5. A paragraph of synthesis whereby the common aspects of the summarized sources are added
  6. The final summary or the conclusion with suggestions, predictions and implementation strategy.

Additionally, it is imperative to remind oneself of the fact that synthesis involves aspects such as comparing and contrasting various elements or points brought together as well as analyzing them. It is far from just writing about single sources explored. Synthesis essay writing sample, especially their outlines contains a couple of paragraphs in the body which explain uniquely knitted ideas before the final summary. So to have a good outline before writing the final copy, it is good to have and explore several sources.

Synthesis Essay Introduction

Essentially, this is the core and one of the most important parts of any writing. An introduction plays a key role in letting the readers know a lot about you as the writer including the subject that is being discussed. Students have not only been advised to look at synthesis essay introduction samples that are there but to understand what went into writing a great essay. The survival of an essay in terms of getting high scores and being read, attracting the readers to your work is the utmost goal you should aim for. This is basically the role of a good introduction. Making starling remarks at the very opening paragraph plays a crucial part in attracting your readers’ attention. In summary, the intro does the following:

  • Introduces the topic to the audiences
  • Sets the tone in addition to defining the audience
  • It helps in focusing the attention of the audience
  • Introduces the texts that are marked for the synthesis
  • Has a thesis statement

Writing a Thesis Statement for the Synthesis Essay

When writing a synthesis essay, the thesis statement is very paramount, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Provision of synthesis essay thesis sample even in the outline preceding the writing is equally important. A thesis statement shows the readers the position taken by the writer. Also known as a claim, the readers would want to know your take on the subject and how it will pan out in the arguments within the body of the document. It is the major argument that the entire paper is based on. Structurally, it is a single sentence which is logical and persuasive enough to warrant attention from the readers.

Additionally, the thesis statement is equated to the background that informs the study or the paper, therefore, it ought to be as impressive as the article itself and its title. Argumentative synthesis essay samples contain probably the strongest thesis statements; however, when writing the synthesis paper, the sentence should come out as one that triggers some sort of question from your readers. What is it that you are trying to answer? That is the question that should be answered.

The Body of a Synthesis Essay: Principle of Writing a Synthesis Essay Body

The body is where all the key elements are discussed, and the facts are provided in details. To create a great body, this section must be divided into several parts with headings and subheadings in addition to several paragraphs. The number of the paragraphs, however, depends on the length of the essay. The body must support the thesis statement and provide facts and evidence to that effect. Each paragraph should present an idea besides flowing logically to the very end. Remember that great synthesis essay introduction sample is representative of great writer’s thoughts and which he or she later expounds in the body. Aim at having a body that is reflecting your introduction and which will lead to an even better conclusion.

The Conclusion of a Synthesis Essay

Having presented arguments, counterarguments, facts and evidence, having made a claim and having defended it, it is now time to summarize the key points within the document and restate the claim you made. Furthermore, tell the readers about the essay in short without forgetting to remind them of the purpose of the article. If there is more information uncovered or suggestions you want to make, this is the right place to state so. Readers would like to know if their concerns in as far as your claim have been addressed adequately. A synthesis essay samples you provided as an outline should also be captured in this section. The purpose of the outline was to guide you, therefore, you need to ask if the final document is truly the representation of the initial idea. Otherwise, reading, rereading and proofreading are essential in ensuring that the synthesis essay is properly done.

Synthesis Analysis Essay Sample


Below is an argumentative synthesis essay sample about cancer

The article focused on cancer which has been a deadly disease and a mystery to mankind. Cancer remains to be a dangerous disease with fatal outcome besides having greatly impacted the medical world. With scientist being all out researching of the cure, there have been several innovative and effective ways that have been discovered to help cure the disease at its nascent stage. Importantly, the research has focused on several options for several types of cancer. These options have presented the man with an opportunity to heal and actively engage in their activities. It is very expensive to heal treat cancer than any other disease today.

According to an article by J and by T, cancer has been a thorn in a man’s flesh and has rendered several families poor. This is so because the cost of treatment remains to be very expensive and in fact not affordable to the poor majority.

Mark in his opinion concurred with J and T that the government spends billions of US dollars on health and a larger chunk of this expense is spent on cancer alone. Furthermore, they both agree that there is need to come up with a quick solution and stronger medical insurance to cover the families and the cancer victims.


The above is just a brief synthesis essay writing sample that sums up the key requirements and ideas that should be factored in. It requires more than just one source to write a good synthesis essay. Students should also look at synthesis analysis essay samples as a way of writing their own essays.