Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics

We cannot escape an assignment in our schools or universities, especially writing a descriptive essay. All that is expected of students to do is to understand these various writing styles that can befit a descriptive essay topic they have opted for.

Descriptive essay is defined as writing that requires one to think and use his or her imagination and not researches from other people. In this work, all that writer requires is application of sensory information. As compared to a simple description which is short and does not tell much, descriptive essay has five paragraphs, namely, introduction, body, and conclusion.

Writing a Descriptive Essay About a Place or a Person

The Introduction for a Descriptive Essay

This section has a thesis statement, attention-grabbing statement, and context of topic chosen to end with transitional words.


There’s also a need to be a transition from background data and thesis statement. Descriptive essay thesis usually includes one full sentence and 3 body paragraphs, which should have evidence that proves this thesis. Never be impeded by your thoughts about this part being difficult but instead apply a five concept bearing points about this topic and then pick them from your notes to prove that thesis.


This last part of your paper concludes all information and gives a summary of it. One should have their last remarks in this part and rephrase that thesis statement.


  • Consider use of places to generate ideas for descriptive essay topics
  • Consider people
  • Consider memories and also,
  • Consider objects

Create a Draft of your Expository Essay

Set aside enough time and create that first draft for your essay of a descriptive nature while you consider that this writing process will require you to start with a simple outline.

Edit the Descriptive Essay

Reread your essay with a fresh mind, check out for mistakes or errors, and align that document with that right format before presenting it. Use online services for checking grammar but never forget to proofread because inline software might miss something about descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Consideration

  1. The most exciting cruise: not all of us indeed get an opportunity to explore these seas via cruise ships. Tell your readers about how exciting this cruise was, and your experience generally.
  2. The most beautiful place I have been to: in this case, you will have to descriptively tell your readers about this particular place whether it is a town, a city or just someplace in the countryside. What was your feeling? What did you like the most about that place? Would you go to that place again? What are these great landmarks or sceneries that would make anyone go to that place?
  3. The top five destinations in America: this will require writer of descriptive essay about a place to think about five places in America that he would suggest for anyone to visit. More importantly, writer must give a reason why he or she thinks that listed destinations are the best to visit.
  4. A journey in the space: what an exciting topic among descriptive essay topics to discuss. Many people would love to have a feeling of how space looks like. The writer should strive to take reader on a journey through solar system and galaxies. Great imagination would be perfect for creating this type of descriptive writing, and writer must not forget to approach this topic philosophically.
  5. The beautiful sky: here we are simply describing this event and letting our readers know just how beautiful we think it is. Descriptive essay about an object should give your reader an understanding of sky.
  6. The legendary commanders: when we are writing descriptive essays, it is important to think about these topics that touch on our history. We can identify a particular person whose influence is felt to date and then discuss him or her.
  7. Why I will forever remember Napoleon: this fits a descriptive essay about a person, and in this case, writer should take people down the history lane and remind them the most memorable things about Napoleon that they need to know. Tell them why it is important to you that Napoleon should not be forgotten.
  8. The sad story of Pearl Harbor: this was a sorrowful moment in the history of America, and it might be unknown to others, especially youthful generation who have no interest in history. While writing about this topic, it is paramount to transport your readers to the scene by painting a picture of that whole tragedy in descriptive writing.
  9. The memorable event: tell your readers about the influence you think this event had and why it is according to you the most memorable. In this case, you are giving a bit of history to your readers, and they must be able to understand how relevant that event was to you.
  10. The most influential person in the history of America: descriptive essay about a person would not be complete without discussing some influential people in our lives or history of a certain In this case, identify that particular person and then descriptively tell why you think that he or she is the most influential by highlighting some of activities he or she did or decisions he or she made.
  11. Pirate of the Caribbean: whether you have read this in the books or have watched the movie, this is one of the most amazing descriptive essay topics to explore. Tell your readers what a pirate being is all about and their lives, also, assess the possibilities of becoming a pirate too if you would tell the readers why and if you would not, give the reasons.
  12. My first day in school: the topic is great in helping the reader understand some of the memories you will not forget. It is imperative to let the readers know the activities that happen within the classrooms on the first day. You are new, and you have some great experience on your first day. Did you go to school alone or did your parents take you there?
  13. The hottest day in my life: well, it is not you alone who experienced that weather. You should start your descriptive essay writing on the premise that others too experienced the heat but give reasons why the day is so special to you and why you would not forget about it. Where were you and how hot was it?
  14. A carpenter: we all love good furniture and normally don’t take out time to appreciate or think about those behind these beautiful pieces of artistry. Well, when writing a descriptive essay about a person, it is important to tell who they are and why we think they are our inspirations or role models.
  15. A day at the seaside: you went to the seaside and probably spent some time there, how was it? Did you like the night or the day there? Was it one of the favorite moments in your life?
  16. My favorite home pet: if you ever kept a pet at home, it is important to describe the best memories it left you with. Tell the readers what was so important about it in your descriptive essay.
  17. My popular television series: this is a topic that you may consider for your descriptive writing given that it invokes the thought about the series you love and how you connect to the actors and actresses in that particular series.
  18. My favorite Journalist: we have reporters and news anchors, but there is always something unique about each one of them. In descriptive essays, it is important to describe what our favorite journalist looks like and give information concerning their behavior.
  19. The best poem: if you heard or read a poem that impressed you so much to the point that you want to talk about it in a descriptive essay then you may consider poems as a good idea for a topic.
  20. A writer: you have read plenty of articles, poems, and literature, but there is a particular writer who strikes you the most. Use this as a topic for your descriptive essay about a person and let the readers know who this person is.
  21. The best museum I have visited: when writing a descriptive essay about a place, a visit to a museum could be an ideal topic to consider given that museums are different and have some fascinating sceneries or things we can associate them with.
  22. My favorite dancer: so you can dance. Do you remember this dance show? If you watched it, then you might have liked a particular dancer. Tell the readers about a dancer you like and his dance style that attracts you to him or her.
  23. My immediate neighbor: who is she or he and how does he or she behave? This is a good topic for a descriptive essay if you want to explore a bit about how you relate with your neighbors
  24. My first day to cook: we all do something for the first time in our lives, but some are just too exciting to escape our memories. Cooking is a great experience in the teen years, and it could be a great idea to use as a descriptive essay Tell the readers about the day, how you did the cooking experience change your life and the t lessons you learned on that day.
  25. When I spent much time with my boyfriend or girlfriend: you must have had much to do, but you ended up sacrificing them to have some quality time with either your girlfriend or boyfriend. Tell your reader about it. How was it like, and would you do it again?
  26. What I think about all religious people: some people prescribe to some faith and follow these teachings of that particular faith to the core. What is your opinion, and why do you think that religious personalities influence society? Give your reader something to read about it as far as these religious people are concerned.
  27. The philosophy of life: we all think about life differently and what would be the best way to tell of our worldviews other than through descriptive essays. Remember that this topic can be very challenging because it warrants nothing but the best of our creative imagination and realities.
  28. The life of a sports personality: here we give e description of life of a sports personality we have identified and let your reader understand that expectation of society regarding how personality has to live his or her life.
  29. I was so superstitious: what happened that made you superstitious, has it changed and what was this feeling by then? This is another great topic to consider for a descriptive essay considering that people at some point in their lives get scared.
  30. Heaven: we have only heard about stories related to heaven, but none has gone to heaven and came back to tell us how it is and where it is. For a descriptive essay about a place, we can consider telling a story about this place imaginatively and describe to your readers how it looks like.
  31. When I first visited an army Barrack: soldiers are great people to hang around with especially in their Barracks. You had a privilege to visit a friend or your wife at that army barrack. Tell more about your experience and why you think it is an amazing place to visit. What was your experience, and what do you remember most?


When writing descriptive essays, approach should be a key consideration; otherwise, we might miss gist of it. But what we need to remember these most are descriptive essay topics because only then we can be the whole writing process.