Famous American Writers

Famous American Writers

Writing began long ago even before the many things that you currently see in society today. It goes way back to the ancient days where people communicated through various forms of weird writings and had no popular mode of writing and putting across their ideas and opinions. Sadly, history remembers only that which was documented and this what our article today is going to major on.

American history has in itself contributed immensely to the writing industry by giving birth to some of the most astonishing and genius writers of time. This was all due to the major events that took place in history and the different periods and ages that came along with them. Over time, language as well has evolved, and this largely affects literature in terms of new styles of writing and the various subjects tackled and approaches used.

Through decades, what is evident in the publications and arts by the many essay writers that history lives to remember is the power of creativity and thought towards expressing what’s on one’s mind. We all get to think and even at some point have considered putting down to paper some of the great ideas we have in our minds for people to see and credit. Well, how did that work out for you? One thing for sure is, without creativity and deep thought, even the greatest of ideas that would have otherwise turned out to be best selling narratives can be wasted. This calls for careful attention to fine detail in literature and essay writing.

Someone once said words are powerful, and yes they are – we know we got you with our words right now. Most of your leading college assignments deserved the grades they were awarded due to the fact that words were properly used. With careful use of words, there’s only so much you can achieve.

You ought to keep in mind that;

  • A greater number of essay writers focused and wrote on the key historical events that took place in the USA.
  • In their notable works, if you through them well you’ll find almost every of the information as per how some of these historical events came about. This should help you connect the dots and appreciate American roots.
  • Some of these essays and poems by famous American writers can provide a student with necessary information they just might need for their academic assignments. This calls for you be keen and pay attention to information

Our team has come up with a list of the famous essay writers that ever lived. We won’t be able to capture them all but we’ve shortlisted and focused on the most exemplary of them all. Careful and by the end of it you’ll appreciate the true nature of powerful and leading essay writing.

Early Colonial Times

This was very traumatizing time for the people of America who were under the British settlers. This was the time when Europeans established colonies all over America that could aid with governing and controlling all that was going on in this rich country. Some of the victims of this colonial oppression thought it wise to write about what was going on in the British colonies for the whole world be made aware of what was going on deep in America and not what they hear.

Some of topics that essay writers addressed during this period were;

  • The bias governing rules created by the colonizers. The Europeans who colonized America were know to unjust and favored only their kind.
  • There’s the issue of slave At that time in the colonial period there was tension among the African-Americans who taken as slaves and mistreated by the whites. The slaves were so much disregarded and their rights taken for granted. Or should we say they had no rights.
  • The government policies that were put in place didn’t quite work out well for everybody. These were the times of political unrests and riots all over America, people are demanding for the government to revise some of their policies and come with an objective and working constitution.
  • There was the ongoing forms aristocracy. Leadership at that time was aristocratic and based on family gains and power. Democracy didn’t stand a chance, and that was received well with most Americans for it was not a true representation of what the people want for their governance.
  • The ripple effect the colonialism in America would have to rest of the world. Unlike the powerful and unshakable America that is today, then it was under British rulers who serve the interests of the Queen of England. This depicted America as the land of oppression which many thought as a bad implication to other nations and writers had to expose what was going on.

This period was a great revolution to the literature front. In an academic setting, lecturers ask students to come up with essays and poems that correspond to some of the topics in this time. These calls for students to refer to some of the greatest writers of this time that stood up to write about the injustices that were going in the American community during this period.

Some of the exemplary writers of this age include;

  • John Woolman

This was a writer who stood up to the injustices that went on to campaign against the injustices that went on in the society. One thing you’d come to appreciate is that slavery was much of a big issue during this period, and the slaves were tortured and mistreated. This was mainly for the fact that most of them were black, and black people were considered as primates and not human beings. This inspired Woolman to write about the issue of slavery and went on to publish books; On the Slave Trade, Some Considerations on Keeping Negros.

  • Samuel Sewall

He wrote essays and poems and as well campaigned against the ongoing slave trade and shed light on why it ought to be abolished. His writings mainly focused on slave trade.

  • John Smith

He was a great explorer and colonial settler during the oppression in America. Despite him being of English origin, he wrote more on what was going on in America and thus considered as one of the famous American essay writers. Al most all the libraries in Virginia have the within their collection some of the notable works by this renowned explorer and later a colonial legislator. The main themes of Smith were to write on the events that surrounded his leadership in the colonies. His works were later published in the early 17th century and are to date in American libraries. This great explorer captured some of his thrilling experiences in his writings that to date used by students with academic assignments featuring American colonial history.

The Democratic and Revolutionary Era

This occurred moments after America gained independence. There was a great flow of good mood throughout the American population. Nonetheless, there were whites who still practiced slavery. During these times, writers wrote on the trending issues at that time; some of the topics addressed by the famous essayists of that time were; the path to democracy, the forming of the American constitution and the anti-slave trade movements that went on. It was during these times that writers began composing books that talked of the relationship between England and America.

Whenever you’re tasked with writing essays on this period, good practice would be to refer to writings by these outstanding essay writers who spoke on these issues going on in the community. Publishing during this time was a great deal and wasn’t easy for a writer to get their works published not unless they were exemplary and were of significant benefit to society. Here are some of the famous American writers who rocked the literature world during this time;

  • Thomas Paine

Paine was an exemplary writer in American history whose focus was on uplifting the meek during that time. It was all about inspiring the people of America. In his works, Thomas describes America as a great nation with people of a kind. The dawn of a new era of democracy and revolution was such a critical time and Thomas had to capture and express all that was going on. Some of his exemplary arts include; The Rights of Men and Common Sense. America till date appreciates the great contribution Paine made to the history of America. In his book The Rights of Men, he sheds light on some of the rights Americans deserve and those they were previously denied during the colonial era.

  • Washington Irving

Among the notable writers who graced this period was Irving. Many kids today know him for his great contributed in the comic books for nicknaming New York City, Gotham. This formed ground for the creation of a villain who robbed and some protected the people of Gotham. In many libraries today you’ll find books written by him. This was significant period whereby America was transitioning from the colonial times and was now evolving to a more productive country. This prompted Irving to expose some of the setbacks that were holding back the country from reaching full potential. These were the injustices in the community. His goal was to give the people of America hope of a brighter future that is to come. This was achieved through some of his great books like; Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow.

In touching on history, he wrote a book titled A History of New York. He was a master of literature and this was evident through some of his short stories.

  • Benjamin Franklin

A great leader Benjamin Franklin turned out to be. He was a man of the people and was famous for his great influence on the many that knew and worked with him. During the fight for democracy, he was at the forefront and campaigned against the rights and freedom of the people of America. His fights bore fruits and America was granted independence. He is remembered for being a great essayist and went on to write an autobiography that inspired many lives in America to appreciate the struggle and hold on to hope. In his autobiography, we see how the fight for democracy was real and that it took it was quite an honor for it to be finally granted. Besides the autobiography, Benjamin wrote several other poems like; Temple of Learning and The Way of Wealth.

  • Margaret Fuller

Fuller is recognized as one of the outstanding female writers in America. Her works were mainly focused on campaigning for the rights of women. Her published essays and poems were what brought her to the spotlight and later turned began composing articles in the New York Tribune. This was the time she used to stay in the city. She was the first female ever to be issued with such a grand opportunity by a top newspaper.

Her career was focused and concentrated over her short life span. Having been a female rights activist, her essay writing was a huge inspiration to many female artists who considered featuring in leading magazines of that era.

The Romantic Era

During this period American writers embraced a new approach and styles towards writing. This was a time new writers came in play with exemplary essays and poems that showed and appreciated the ingenuity America had to offer. Just after separation from the England authors who used to go hard on American writers. The upcoming writers now had an opportunity to come up with something of their own and not be controlled over the publishing rights. Nonetheless, these American writers borrowed the literary skills from the British authors and used it coach their essays and poems.

Many of poets in American literature came about during this time. It was an opportunity for Americans to experience themselves differently. This was evident in their poems that expressed emotions and the yearning for a brighter future that is to come. 

Among the famous writers of this time were;

  • Edgar Poe
  • Ralph Waldo and many others


Literature is all about how you express your ideas and opinions. Incorporating some of the literary tools like satire, humor and imagery can be a step into making your paper better. Going through some of these works can be you a good writer and at the same understand the history of America.

Who’s your favorite essay writer in American literature?