World Peace Essay

World Peace Essay

The time is now, you either do well or excel in your world peace essay, there’s no other way. But then again, are you familiar with some of the tricks involved? Well, if you not then this is the right guide for you to help you get your world peace essay to wherever you wished it to be.

An article is a small composition that shows the writer’s angle of view based on the subject in question. Most times you’d find it relating to other papers or articles. Like in this case, your world peace essay will be connecting to other world peace essays done before because they’re just focused on the same subject except for the different perspectives from many writers. A world peace essay is formal academic writing, you’d find it in colleges as part of your assignment on social sciences papers, or it could as well be your ticket to your institution of choice.

Different Types of World Peace Essay

Your writing will be based on the type of a world peace essay you’ll be assigned to compose. Check out these four types:

  1. Descriptive World Peace Essay

Just like the name suggests, this is a world peace essay that serves a significant role. It could be describing an event, an analogy but only an understandable description of world peace. Whichever the topic was chosen, it has to be expressing world peace. These forms of essays send string messages based on whatever you decide to capture. A better way to approach this is to appeal to the reader’s sensation. Find a way to get to their senses and intrigue them using some of the literary practices you could afford.

Get the reader involved in what you’re describing; make him/her feel like they are at that given place at that given time. This requires the use of some aspects of literature that are hooking and indulging. A well-crafted descriptive world peace essay explaining an event that took place sometime back would get the reader feeling like they were part of the scenes that took place.

  1. Narrative World Peace Essay

This a select type of essay where you’ll be explaining the scenes that took place during a specific event involving world peace. You’ll have to assume the first persona narration for it to come out clearly. They are not far different from descriptive essays except for the fact that you’ll be taking the first person narration. Mind you, this is an event that happened, and you’re supposed to narrate to someone who wasn’t there when everything happened, you need to appreciate all the nuances just so to make the narration as vivid as possible.

To win here, you need to drop the approach of telling a story and instead switch to showing them what took place.

  1. Expository World Peace Essay

This involves in-depth studies on given subjects. Like in this case, as a writer, you’ll have to conduct a survey on world peace and present the information gathered. Such essays on world peace can be quite demanding at times as they require some in-depth knowledge on the topic. Unlike the other types of essays on world peace, here your senses and feeling don’t count. It’s either you’re familiar with the topic, or you’re not, there’s no short cut. And if at all you find yourself having shallow information on the subject, then this is a call for you to do something about it.

Chances are you’ll have dealt with something close to the same in your field of study and therefore finding information to back your essay or to write about wouldn’t be that demanding. Your role here is a writer informative, you are here to give your readers information on world pace essay and what you decide to give will determine the outcome of your paper significantly. It’s still you who’ll be sitting to draft the expository world peace essay, and this means you have to go out there and get the necessary information you want.

And just like any other type of world peace essay on exposition, your knowledge on the topic should be the first consideration you make before taking any step.

  1. Persuasion World Peace Essay

These are mainly argumentative essays, and they are the most common around. Here it is your impressive skill that counts. You might be having the supportive information with you, but how you put it across to your audience for them to come to terms with it is what matters the most. You have the topic with you, which is world peace, a good writer before going ahead to start writing would first research to be well versed on the matter.

With information comes power, now using this information, you can now be able to persuade your readers. After doing your thorough research and analysis, you settled for given opinions and ideas on world peace that you find worth basing your argument on. The view or ideas you’ll come up with will be based on your research, which means that you’re readers are flowing with the information you give them.

Along the process, your audience will also develop their points of view based on the information they get from your paper like this in an argument, and you don’t expect to miss opposing opinions and maybe a few supportive forces. To come out a winner in this, you’ll have to have sharp pieces of evidence that will strengthen your argument and make you the winner in this case. Are you down for such, well, if at all you are then persuasive essays on world peace are the right choice for you, but if at all you’re not, then we’d advise you to opt for a different type of world peace essay which is less demanding?

During your argumentative world peace essay discussion, you’ll be expected to present both sides of the argument with more emphasis on the writer’s hand, and then give readers a chance to choose which team is better off. Mind you, by providing your readers this opportunity to select their preferred side; you’ll have to have adequately defended your hand and therefore giving the readers no chance to consider the other.

To gain a better understanding of the same, check out an example of a world peace essay on persuasion and see how the writers get to win their readers.

Structure of a World Peace Essay

Here you don’t have to stick to the rigid structure on how to write a world peace essay. Based on your knowledge on world peace essay, how creative can you get with the formatting but still stick to the required specifics on how to write a world peace essay format.

Nevertheless, and despite your level of creativity, there is a standard format that has been tried and proven effective for writing a world peace essay. Our team has taken a step further to look into the form of the piece and highlighted some of the critical elements writers need to be on the lookout for whenever they’re crafting a world peace essay format.

  • The Introduction

This is the starting paragraph of your world peace essay. Here writers are asked to give the best impression their writing skills could afford. You need to begin your paper and immediately get your readers hooked into your essay. A good to start with is to use an appropriate transition and captive sentence. This can either be a quote by some of the renowned world peace flag bearers, wise saying and some quotation from some literature source or a bold statement.

The essay will also serve to give your readers a brief coverage on what the theme is going to focus on. This is to prepare your readers for what they’re going to deal with in the body of the paper. Like in this case, the topic is world peace, so it means the article will be dealing with world peace, but then again world peace is a broad topic, and you’ll need to be specific on which aspect of world peace you’re writing on. Now the introduction is grouped into three; first, there is the opening transition sentence, then there are the next two lines where you can give some description on the topic, then there’s the last part which is often not considered by writers- the mini-outline.

The mini-outline is short writing where the writer shows the reader some of the examples that the paper is going to discuss on. This is to guide the reader on what to expect in the paper. These examples can be a summary of the topic sentences that will be discussed in the paragraph.

Here in the introduction, you could get as creative as you want to excite the reader and get them psyched to reading your paper.

Here is an example of a world peace essay introduction:

They say a stitch in time saves nine, so why waste time and yet we could deal with the issue of economic sanctions and avoid stripping the world of the peace it deserves. Some of these economic sanctions are what has brought about the cold war between the veto nations. My suggestion, is we lift these economic sanctions and create a free commercial trade zone that will unify nations and boost prosperity and work towards achieving world peace

  • The Body

This is the center of any type of a world peace essay. All the assertions and opinions you came up with are to be supported in this section of the paper. It comes between the introduction and the conclusion. The body is made up of several paragraphs, at least not one, and they are all connected to bring out the overall message.

Each body paragraph has its topic sentence, and the rest of the content in the article will be support or expound more on the topic sentences. These topic sentences are there to guide your readers on what they ought to focus on. One thing students are asked to be keen with is the transition from one body paragraph to another. Even though each body paragraph will be dealing with a different idea, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t to be connected.

Remember the sole purpose of the body is to support the thesis in the introduction, now the transition sentences at the beginning of the paragraphs will be giving an example while at the same time connect each of the sections to create a logical and sensible flow of ideas. Readers are attracted to papers with a good flow, and we’d strongly recommend that you strive to achieve the perfect flow. It even makes reading more comfortable.

Something worth noting!

When presenting your examples in the body, it would be best if you start with the essential ideas and as you go on move to the less strong ones. Opting for winning points at the start is to convince your reader while the essay is still fresh such that by the time you get to the conclusion, your role will just, to sum up, things and close your case.

  • Essay Conclusion

This the concluding paragraph to your paper. Here it’s basically about giving a summary of what you’ve covered and sent off your readers with something to ponder on. The conclusion is supposed to be as short as possible and precise. Do not forget and start repeating what you said, but instead, you need to summarize. Pick out some of the strong points you raised that were supporting your angle of view. Paraphrase them and finish by giving them something they’ll be thinking about after putting down your paper.

Caution! Do not add new information which has not been covered in the paper.


That is all you need for your world peace essay. The ball is now on your court, and you need to make it count. Remember, each body paragraph has its topic sentence, and the rest of the content in the section will be support or expound more on the topic sentences. These topic sentences are there to guide your readers on what they ought to focus on. All the best in your paper!

What are some of the tips on how to write a winning essay body paragraph? Share with us.